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The Global spread of COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we think about the spaces where we live and work. Now more than ever, building health and occupant well-being is of the utmost importance to our society.

The question on every building and company owners’ mind is the same: how do we provide healthy spaces for everyone in the face of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases?

An innovative solution
for an unpredictable time

Does your staff feel safe returning to work?

How does your building/office reduce the transmission of infectious diseases like Covid-19?

As a Landlord or Employer, do you know what policies and procedures to implement in order to build occupant trust?

Fletcher Consulting’s certified
Fitwel Ambassadors can help you:

  • Open Your Workplace
  • Re-occupy Your Office
  • Get Back to Work Safely
  • Generate Employee Trust
  • Answer the Call to a Healthy Workplace
  • Protect Public Health


OF employees want to work in-office the majority of the week
of workers want to work from home full-time
say collaborating with others is harder at home

(U.S. Work From Home Survey 2020, Gensler)

About Fitwel

Fitwel is a system developed by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the General Services Administration (GSA) that evaluates the health-affecting aspects of the building environment to improve occupant well-being.

Fitwel Certification is based on a strong foundation of data and evidence from scientific publications and documented best practices, along with input and guidance from experts from the fields of design and public health. You can rest assured knowing your office space is incorporating best practices and most up to date measures to ensure occupant safety and trust.

Fitwel has also announced their Fitwel Viral Module in 2020 setting industry best practices for mitigating viral transmission and is applicable across all commercial and residential building types. Following a multi-stepped process we evaluate existing mechanical, ventilation and filtration systems combined with indoor air quality testing. Additionally we help you develop policy and procedures to promote a healthy work environment. The ultimate goal is to get your workspace Fitwel certified. See our stepped process below for more information.

Why Fitwel?

Reoccupy Your Space

Certify your office space as a safe environment

Respond to Demand

Fitwel Certified buildings respond to the growing market demand for spaces designed to support healthier lifestyles.

Stay on Trend

81% of companies practice social responsibility reporting. Responsible investing is on the rise, with today’s investors increasingly looking to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance when making investment decisions. (

An Open Workplace = Healthy Buildings + Employee Trust

The Viral Response Module

In the face of the pandemic, Fitwel introduced the Viral Response Module. This provides annual, third-party building certification of policies and practices informed by the latest public health research on mitigating the spread of infectious diseases within buildings. At Fletcher Consulting, we rely on Fitwel’s wide variety of strategies associated with the different methods to mitigate viral transmission from improvements in air quality, to educational health promotion signage, to communication plans.

Fitwel has actively researched & prepared 3 action strategies for their Viral Response Module:

Enhanced Indoor Environment

Behavioral Change

Build Occupant

Why Fletcher Consulting?

Fletcher Consulting is committed to guiding our clients in preparing a tailored COVID and Infectious Disease Preparedness Plan using Fitwel’s recently announced Viral Response Module. What’s more, we are committed to the health and well-being of our clients and their buildings, and are ready to help ownership, landlords and tenants.

Our team of Fitwel Ambassadors and consultants have streamlined the process into 5 steps to help our clients navigate the process of getting a Fitwel Certification and a Preparedness Plan in place.

Our Process

Meet to establish your vision, goals and requirements relating to a Returning to Work Preparedness Plan and strategy for implementation

Prepare Fitwel Scorecard and Gap Analysis in order to benchmark additional items needed to comply with certification

Facilitate the required consultants and documentation

Provide analysis for possible improvements to the building/office space regarding increasing air ventilation, better filtration, and water management per industry and recommended standards and guidelines

Manage the Fitwel Scorecard process with owner and consultants. Submit required drawings, documentation, and policies into Fitwel Portal for certification

Get Started

Don’t wait to ensure your buildings are in good health. We’ll work with you to help your team navigate the new normal, using the Fitwel Certification as a baseline to enhance your indoor environment and ensure the health of everyone who walks through your doors. Contact our team today to get started.

FITWEL & Design is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). Participation by The Center for Active Design and/or any other organization does not imply endorsement by HHS. Outside the United States, the FITWEL service marks are owned by the Center for Active Design, Inc.