Proactively Mitigating Risk at Each Stage of the Project

Our highly skilled, trained and experienced Project Management Professionals proactively mitigate your risk at each stage of the project. Each stage impacts the next so we believe it is critical for Fletcher Consulting to be engaged as early as possible to allow our clients to make informed decisions each step of the way. Our process includes:

  • Initiating – From the outset, we provide an in-depth specialized understanding of your project and the unique requirements it brings.
  • Planning – We establish a defined program helping you manage the key stage objectives of the project.
  • Executing – On behalf of our clients we initiate the work needed to satisfy the project requirements.
  • Monitoring and Controlling – From Day 1 we track and review the progress and performance of the project; identify where changes to the plan are possibly required; and initiate those corresponding changes.
  • Closing – Our job is not done until we are 100% closed-out both onsite and with the project administration. 99% is just not acceptable.

We would be happy to talk to you about previous projects, and demonstrate in concrete terms what a real difference our accessible, distinctive and personal service makes.